EDRK makes and sells ebooks with a purpose to make life easier not only for the readers but for the publishers, authors and booksellers as well.  So we are responsible for all the jobs connected with creating and selling ebooks, including paperwork.

For the publisher and author  |  For the e-store, blogger, web portal

For the publisher and author

EDRK has developed a new selling and marketing platform for the publishers to improve managing the sales and offer more effective marketing strategies.

In order to publish and distribute an ebook you just have to contact us, sign an agreement and send us the book file.  File formats like .doc, .docx, .rtf or .pdf work very well.

We will prepare the content for the ebook, do the editing and design the layout so that your ebook looks nice and is easy to read. We follow high quality standards and meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

After that we convert your file to the suitable ebook format. There are many different formats for ebooks but we prefer EPUB. It is the most widely spread and the most flexible one, supported by nearly all the devices that enable to read ebooks.  Most likely the other formats are gradually getting out of use and in the future all ebooks will be in EPUB format.

We also take care of the safety and copyright matters. Our ebooks are supplied with special watermarks which contain the customer’s personal data and connect the customer with the particular purchased ebook file. This is social DRM (Digital Rights Management) or digital watermarking.

Now it is time for the publisher to review the ebook.  If everything is well, we send the ebook to the sellers. We co-operate with all stores in Estonia that sell ebooks, e-stores as well as mobile stores.

Anyone can sell ebooks!

If you run an e-store, have an online library or just a homepage or a blog you now have a chance to sell ebooks too.

Estonian Digital Book Centre helps you with launching an ebook store on your website. We have got everything you need for your ebook store to offer the best possible choice of ebooks in the Estonian language.

Together with our sales partners we have developed a wide-based ebook sales network with easy-to-manage and innovative marketing tools. Working in partnership with more than 50 Estonian leading publishing companies we can help you supply your e-book store with the ebooks from the best publishers in Estonia.

We offer hundreds of ebooks in Estonian and very soon we can speak about thousands. Do not hesitate to contact us and seize the opportunity!