The main advantages of an ebook over the classic paper book is that they are more convenient, better priced and eco-friendly.

Why an ebook?

You do not have to travel to the bookstore to purchase an ebook – you can do it at home on your sofa. When going on a business or holiday trip you can take your entire library with you, as your ebook reader can carry thousands of books.

While staying on the other side of the Earth or at a countryside cottage, feeling lonely, an ebook in your native language may reach you within a few minutes to cheer you up.  In addition, an ebook is eco-friendly and costs less compared to the traditional printed book.

To enjoy reading an ebook you just need a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, an ebook reader or a smart phone and internet connection. Anyone can buy an ebook online, download it onto their digital device and enjoy reading, without any need for internet.


What do you need to read an ebook?

an e-reader

It is the most eye-friendly, the lightest and the least energy-consuming device created for reading ebooks.

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a tablet

On an iPad or the new Android tablet you can read ebooks as comfortably as on e-readers.

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a computer

A laptop is very suitable for  reading ebooks. You can also read ebooks on your desktop computer, only in that case you have to stay at your desk.

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a smart phone

E-books can also be read on an iPhone and the new Android phone. Thus you can carry your entire library with you.

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