The easier the solutions the more comfortable life is. The ebook is part of  a more comfortable life. That is why we founded EDRK (Estonian Digital Book Centre).

Based on Estonian capital EDRK is an independent enterprise that cooperates with a great number of  publishing companies and booksellers.

We help publishers create high-quality books to meet the standards of the most demanding readers. We also help to distribute and promote ebooks. Together with our partners we have developed a wide-based ebook sales network.

We make everything connected with ebooks as simple as possible for all the partners – the publishers, the authors and the sellers alike. The publisher or the author only need to send us the bookfile and then afterwards review the ready-made ebook. We take care of everything, from technical solutions till accounting and distribution.

The completed ebook reaches all the web-stores and mobile-stores simultaneously.


Contact us!

Eva Kolli
+372 55 628 464